Taman Safari Trekking - A wonderful experience

Mountains view during the trekking activity
Many people know Taman Safari (Safari Park) in Cisarua, Bogor, West Java as a big zoo that people can see the animals walk freely while we are observed them inside the car. It is located around 70 km from Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. You can reach this place by car or taxi. This place is mostly very crowded on weekends. You have to leave from Jakarta early morning between 6-7 am to avoid bad traffic jam.

Let's back to Safari Trekking or it is called "Safari Trek". Taman Safari provides trekking package that combined with outbound. The total trekking path is 9 km. The outbound location is at 3rd km. But we choose to take trekking only. We can book in advance at +62-21-500212. The minimum are 10 people for weekend and 25 people for weekday. We were 9 people so we paid 550,000 rupiah. The price include traditional snack (at that time was hot corn boiled with hot tea that is provided at 3rd km), outbound activities and free guide.

We gathered at Taman Safari office lobby near car parking. You only need to come to the receptionist.

Taman Safari Office 

Don't forget to get pie first before starting, bring convenient shoes, rain coat, anti-mosquito lotion/spray and enough water drinking. We did stretching with the guide before we started.

The journey is started!!
Safari Trek Sign
Below are typical paths, vegetation and view during the first 1.5 km
A river in the first 1 km
mountain view
nice purple flower

After more than 1 hour walking, we arrived at 3rd km and they provided hot boiled corn and hot tea. We took a rest for 30 minutes. There is outbound and camping ground here. Below some pictures that I took on 3rd km.

After 3rd km, then we entered rain forest. The trek became physically demanding. Some places have inclination more than 60 degree. We have to be very carefully of slippery. This journey offered spectacular scenery.

typical trekking path
typical trekking path

Finally, we arrived the 9th km, which is Curug Jaksa waterfall. Curug means waterfall in Sundanese language. The duration of this trekking around 4 hours. Most of people in average did for 5 hours. These are the picture at the finished line.
Curug Jaksa entrance
Curug Jaksa Waterfall
It was incredible experience and I would go there again next time!! It is very recommended for those who like adventure activity.