My first 5K running experience

It was my first time to run 5K on Halo Fit Run 2013. This event was sponsored by Halo (postpaid brand from the largest Indonesia telecommunication provider, TELKOMSEL) on 9th June 2013 in Jakarta. There were 2 types of race, 5K and 10K. Because I was first time runner, so I decided to join 5K run. Before that I was lazy to exercise, especially jogging/running. Based on BMI (body mass index), doctor said I categorized as overweight. Some friends gave suggestion to me to start running. 

One day before the race was started, I had to take the race kit that consist of participant number, t-shirt, some vouchers from sponsors, bib that as a sensor that recorded our time. I had to tie it in on my shoes. 

The race is started at 6 am on Sunday morning. It was so early for me, because Sunday was lazy day for me. I have to wake up before 5 am and did some preparation before went to the race. The race was started in East Senayan/Gelora Bung Karno "GBK". I woke up earlier than took taxi there. Below are the views around Senayan in that morning. I stopped before Semanggi's bridge and walked to the start/finish line.

View from Semanggi

Pedestrian near Senayan in Sunday early morning

The following picture is the situation at start/finish line before the race was started.

Finally, I reached the finish line for 35 minutes. It was so tired. I stopped and walked several time during the race. On the finish line, the committee gave each participant a medal. It is called finisher medal for those who reach the finish line before the cut-off time. They also provide water and banana for refreshment. Some sponsor booths sell their products. There was a big stage to entertain the participants with live music, dance performance, door prize and announcement for top 3 winner in each category.

I was very proud with my first medal. The committee also provided photo booth. Most participants were interested to take picture on that photo booth. This event was also good for networking. I met new friend and amazingly also I met old friends from university, high school and my former companies. I will join this event again next year.
me and my first medal

taking picture on the photo booth