Bromo Marathon 2013 - Day 2. The Race!!

Some runners took picture before the race. Photo credit - Carl Fakaruddin 2013

I woke up around 4 am then took shower. It was very cold in Tosari compare to Jakarta. Luckily the hotel provide water heater. After that, I walked to pick up point next to Tosari medical clinic. The shuttle buses pick up each participants in several points and villages around Wonokitri. 

My 10 km race was started at 6 am. I was so excited at that time. Some people gave me advice running in the highland (above 1600 m elevation) is different with running in Jakarta that have elevation just few meters above sea level. The oxygen in the air is less in higher place. It was another challenge beside of the race path itself. 

Runners behind the Start line. Photo credit - Carl Fakaruddin 2013
Map of Bromo Marathon 10 km. Source:
The route is wonderful. Runners can enjoy beautiful terrain, fresh air and vegetables farming. The villagers were very friendly. They gave us support in some spots. As other races, committee provided drink and banana every around 2.5 km. The race was very physically demanding and in my opinion Bromo Marathon should not for beginner runner.

Runner approaching Finish Line. Photo credit - Carl Fakaruddin 2013

Runners approaching Finish Line. Photo credit - Carl Fakaruddin 2013
Finally, I reached the finish line before cut-off time. My time was 1 hour 47 minture and 58 second. It was far away from my record at Bali Marathon 2013. Most of runners reached the finished line 1.5 to 2 times than their best performance on other race. Coming to Bromo Marathon is not only about running, runners will learn and experience the Tengger's culture and magnificent scenery.

Bromo Marathon 2013 pick up map. Source: