Enjoying Sunset at Senggigi Beach Lombok

Kids are playing in the water. Photo credit - Carl Fakaruddin 2010
Lombok is an island that is located in the East of Bali Island. This island is predicted to be the next tourism destination after Bali. The famous beach in this island is Senggigi Beach. Senggigi is located in western part of the island. The wave is quite. This beach is perfect location to enjoying the sunset because it is heading to the West.

Peaceful sunset at Senggigi Beach. Photo credit - Carl Fakaruddin 2010
 I stayed in the hotel that located in the hill just across the Senggigi beach. I walked down the street and the beach is located next to Sheraton Senggigi Hotel.  There are several souvenir stores and restaurants along the beach. You can enjoy the drink while waiting the sunset.

Sunset at Senggigi Beach Lombok. Photo credit - Carl Fakaruddin 2010
Kids and sunset. Photo credit - Carl Fakaruddin 2010
 The beach is next to fisherman village. You can find traditional fisherman boat that they use to catch the fishes. The boat uses small engine and propeller. 

Fisherman boat for fishing. Photo credit - Carl Fakaruddin 2010
The beach can be reached from Mataram, the capital of Lombok less than one hour by car or taxi.